Aunt Evie's Fudge, Half-Pound, 120 mg CBD

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Everyone knew Aunt Evie - she was a champion archer and exceptional sweet maker. One of her most coveted treats was her homemade holiday fudge.  Rich and smooth, you were lucky to get your hands a few pieces before it was gone! 

Aunt Evie's recipe has been passed down through four generations and HempJuus is excited to bring that same fudge to you. Made in small batches, just like Aunt Evie used to do in her kitchen, each order is a half-pound of this classic fudge plus 120mg of HempJuus cold-pressed CBD. 

Perfect as a thank-you gift for you neighbor, holiday treat for the mailman or a thinking-of-you sweet for anyone else, it's so good that you'll want to be sure to get one for yourself too. So kick back and relax with Aunt Evie's delicious CBD Fudge.


Please note, while most HempJuus orders ship next business day, because Aunt Evie's fudge is small batch and handmade to order, it make take an additional day or two before your order ships. This ensures the freshest fudge arrives at your door. HempJuus recommends you enjoy your fudge within two weeks of receiving it. The fudge will last longer than this, but may start to dry out and become crumbly if stored more than a few weeks at room temperature. If you'd like to keep Aunt Evie's Fudge fresh for a longer period of time (assuming you don't eat it all once when you taste it!), the fudge can also be wrapped and frozen.