Are you looking at hemp processor options, trying to find a Win-Win solution?
Process your hemp with HempJuus­™
and get more green for your crop.
I'm Don Muehlbauer, owner of Securience LLC, a licensed hemp processor in Wisconsin. We make HempJuus as well as several other brands and are joint venture partners with Farmer Will Allen. Both Will and I care deeply about farmers, and we're working to create solutions that will work for the farmer in the current hemp marketplace. 

Here's what we see:

Wisconsin farmers are

getting the short end of the stick:

Prices are down, and trending lower:

The December market report shows biomass market price at $1.73/lb/%CBD. So if your biomass is 10% CBD, the market price in December was $17.30/lb.  

There are no biomass buyers in the market:

I've attended, presented and sponsored at the 3 UW-Extension Hemp Seminars and Field Days in Wisconsin. I have not seen any processors who are currently purchasing biomass.

Here's our farmer-friendly solution:

With our niche of Cold Press Processing, one pound of processed hemp can be turned into approximately $1,200 worth of retail products. 

We can handle everything from processing, packaging, label design, shrink wrapping and more.

Yes, that means you'd have more work to sell the products produced with your hemp. But if you can sell even 1/10 of what you grew, you will be much better off than holding out in a no-buyer biomass market. If your farm already sells to family and friends through a CSA or local markets, this may be something you're already familiar with.
Cold press processing allows us to scale up from any batch size as small as 10 lbs. Here's the simple math:

You can try to sell 10 lbs of 10% CBD biomass at $1.73/lb/% and get $173.00, if you can find a buyer

Or we can turn that same 10 lbs of biomass into approximately $12,000 of retail products. Depending on the products and packaging options you select, your cost will be about $1000.

That can be a huge win for you as a farmer. Start with a small investment in a 10 pound batch. Once you successfully sell your products, you can use the profit for more processing. This cycle can be repeated as many times as you would like.

The difference is literally whether you receive a net revenue of about $1.73/lb, or closer to $1100/lb.
For small orders, we will create labels featuring your farm's name, a personal message and photo like the one you see above. If you decide to make a larger processing order, we will be glad to create a completely customized label for you.
About our facilities

Not only is our process different, our entire operation is different.  For over a decade, we've been running an ISO 9001:2015, cGMP certified lab for other industries. We have a PhD chemist on staff, 3 patents for our technology and over 22,000 SKUs registered with the FDA.

For more information, call me at 414-935-5552